Baby Magnesium Roll-On with Aloe Vera

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Your Baby Magnesium Roll-On Gel will become as essential to you baby bedtime routine as your nightlight and favourite baby music mix.

Soothing, natural and safe for sensitive skin, our roll-on gel will relax your child while promoting healthy bone development and relieving soft tissue soreness and cramping.

Our product is natural and boasts Aloe Vera as an active and trusted ingredient.

Relax those tiny muscles and benefit from the healing and restorative properties contained in magnesium.

Our clients love this product for bedtime but it can also help with naptime and general well-being.

We know how important practicality is and our products are easy to carry, easy to store and easy to use.

Safe for sensitive skin and providing all the abundance contained within this vital mineral, our 60ml Baby Magnesium Roll-On Gel is ready and waiting to assist with sleep-time in your household.