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Mind Body Salt

2 x 250ml Magnesium Oil Spray

2 x 250ml Magnesium Oil Spray

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Personal wellness & health has never been so important. We all need to keep our immune systems boosted. Magnesium keeps the immune system strong, helps strengthen muscles and bones, and supports many body functions from cardiac functions to brain functions.   

Not sleeping well? Try a few sprays on your feet at bedtime and you will drift off to a blissful nights sleep.. just be careful with the snooze button in the morning 😊


Relieve pain, cramps and restlessness with our 250ml Magnesium Oil Spray.

The wellness benefits of Magnesium are many. From improving nerve function to assisting blood pressure regulation, it is an abundant mineral known for its healing properties.

Our spray can help with restlessness in legs and promotes muscle relaxation and recovery.

Clients report relief from menstruation related cramping and the product is known for its ability to help achieve a great night’s sleep.

The spray is portable and comes with a lockable trigger which is child-proof and spill-proof.

Keep by your bed for use in the evening. The recommended application is to the tops and bottom of the feet to achieve the fastest absorption, leading to a deep and relaxing night’s sleep.

We are proud that Mind Body Salt. products are the most powerful magnesium products on the market. Join our many delighted customers and discover the benefits for yourself today.

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