6 Box Bundle - Baby Magnesium Wipes


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Pack Includes 6 x 30 pack of Baby Magnesium Wipes. 
At Mind Body Salt we have created our 'Sweet Dreams' Magnesium wipes for those little ones who need some help winding down before bed to get ready for a tranquil nights sleep. Working hand in hand, rested kids mean rested parents because as you know, when they sleep well, we sleep well!

Getting a bed time ritual helps and applying of some of our magnesium to the top and bottom of the little one's feet during your nightly ritual is easy, effective and safe. Magnesium is a crucial ingredient for muscle relaxation and enhances sleep depth.

Our 'Sweet Dreams' wipes are gentle to use on children's sensitive skin and specifically created for children from the age of 3 months old up to 5 years old.

Each wipe has an average 30mg elemental magnesium.

Use one wipe per day and gradually increase to two or three as required. Rub onto baby's feet (top & bottom) and lower legs. If some redness or tingle occurs, apply onto damp skin for the next couple applications until magnesium levels increase.

Directions for use:
1. Tear off the tab from wipes box.

2. Remove single wipe sachet from box, tear foil seal and remove the towelette from the sachet.
3. Rub towelette over the baby's feet (top & bottom) & lower legs, 5-10 minutes before nap or bedtime.

Our wipes are for EXTERNAL use only, and avoid use on broken or irritated skin.