Beauty bundle

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 Picture this, you run yourself a warm bubble bath. You gently add a few handfuls of lavender Epsom salts to help soothe your sore muscles, relax your body & mind as well as giving an all over hydration hit. You slip into you bath, taking with you a natural pink lichee soap bar to cleanse the day away and leave you smelling as good as you feel.

You soak away in pure bliss for 30 minutes then find your way to the bedroom, where you spritz on some luscious essential oil filled, magnesium rich sleep assist spray, focusing on the stomach, bottom of the feet and wrists. Rub the spray into your body and feel a second wave of relaxation flood over you.

Grab your jade roller (from the freezer for extra soothing and collagen stimulating properties) and begin gently massaging your face with the roller, helping your skin to absorb moisturisers and serums, closing open pores and de-puffing the eye area.

Now roll your crystal infused essential oil roller on your temples and behind your ears for the ultimate headache soothing, anti-anxiety reliving and all round lush final beauty step before you slip into bed for a deep restful sleep.

I’m here to pamper you from head to toe, without ever leaving the house, I’m the beauty bundle and I’m all yours . 


- 1x Sleep Assist Body Spray RRP:$39.95

- 1x Love oil Crystal Roller  RRP:$39.95

- 1x Lavender Epsom Salt bath soak RRP:$19.95

- 1 x Tilley Natural Soap Bar RRP:$ 9.95

- 1 x Jade Roller RRP:$39.95