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Baby Magnesium Spray with Aloe Vera

Baby Magnesium Spray with Aloe Vera

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Bring the healing properties of magnesium to your home with our 250ml Baby Magnesium Spray with Aloe Vera.

Why is our spray so good? Because magnesium applied directly to the skin has been shown to be more impacting than magnesium applied through the digestive tract.

Our Baby Magnesium Spray comes in a handy pump spray that is easy to use during often-hectic child care routines. It’s lockable trigger is child-proof and the package is easy to store and transport for busy mums.

Magnesium promotes heat development and can improve sleep patterns.

Our clients love this product for bedtime and nap routines and so do their bubs.

Containing Aloe Vera Gel, this product soothes, relaxes and nourishes babies and relieves restlessness.

Great for sensitive skin, cramping and healthy bone development, what’s not to love?

Bring our Baby Magnesium Spray with Aloe Vera into your childcare routine today.

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